Sport Fishing Reports

2014 Season

Wahoo and more…

Arriving to Sports Fishing with Come Fish Panama this we had plenty of groups from a few different countries. Starting things off we had Jamey Plunk, Dylon Miller, Kelton Miller and Tyler Carpenter from Texas, Michael, Allison, Jack & Joe Davis from North Carolina-...

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Cow Tuna Fishing

Sports fishing with Come Fish Panama during the month of June we had Leo and his son Sebastion from Boca Raton, Florida and anglers Wayne and his son Brian from Vancouver, Canada to finish off the month. This time of the year is what we call “Cow Tuna Time” and many...

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Yellowfin in Panama

Offshore and inshore sport fishing off the coast of Panama during the month of May with Come Fish Panama could not have been any better. We had anglers bending all sorts of rods on many species which include African Pompano, Yellow Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi...

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April Anglers

Sport Fishing during the full month of April, Come Fish Panama welcomed the Wyles group from Florida, Kowalski group from Canada, the Lawhead group from Florida the father/son’s Peckhman group from Canada, the Petzold Family group from Germany, Robert Brenner from...

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Marlin, Tuna, Cubera Report

Offshore & Inshore Sport fishing with Come Fish Panama we had anglers coming from Canada, United States, Europe, Central America and South America to round out the full month of March. Some getting away from the winter weather and looking forward to bend a few rods,...

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Isla Montuosa Billfish Action

The first two weeks of February were very busy for Come Fish Panama with 13 anglers coming from North America to fish with us. We enjoyed having Kris K., Keith N., Kevin R., Tommy S, Tony K., Nancy K., Jack C., Ami B., Orna L., Sean C., Kevin M., Jeff B. and Theodore...

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January Billfish Slam

To kick things off in January were the Raynor party, followed by the Jefferson, Recksiedler and Mckee groups from British Columbia. From the Midwest were the Schwart and Bashyai groups from Chicago, and last but not least, the Reyes group from San Diego. We sincerely...

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