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Offshore sport fishing with Come Fish Panama for the month of May was absolutely stellar! Arriving to provide the rod bending action we had SoCal anglers David McNatt/Jozsef Szijarto, Florida angler Capt. Rick Gorsuch, Kai Witt from Germany, returning anglers Leon and Linda Tomczyk, Brazilian anglers Nicolas Pozzo di Borgo and Thiago Camargo, Michael and Rhonda Kilgore from Tennessee, Kevin Grant from New Jersey, Rachel Ridge Feuerbach from Arizona and to close out the month Mihn Tran and Kevin Martin from Texas/Missouri.

Rain, Sun, and Shower Conditions

During the month of May anglers encountered full days of rain or rain showers with occasional sunny days. It’s one of the best months to bend rods for working a tuna bend Tuna due to the cold top-water temperature, Red Sardine and Jellyfish runs along with the normal Crab Larvae, Pacific Sardines, Squid and flying fish . Anglers continue to show up looking to slam Cow Tuna, Super Cow Tuna or Allison Tuna along with many other species our waters provide. It is a true Tuna slam that many come chasing to bend all sorts of rods!


DSC04951All anglers that came to sport fish with us in May hooked up with good numbers of Yellowfin Tuna. Some caught the Tuna of a lifetime while others caught their very first Yellowfin Tuna. Rachel Ridge Feuerback and the Kilgore couple were stoked to hook up several Yellowfins, Cubera Snapper and Dorado on spinning gear which is quite a feat considering it was their first gig using lightweight gear. First time CFP anglers Nicolas, Tiagro, Mihn and Kevin were slamming all sorts of Yellowfin Tunas along with Dorados on an epic journey they hoped would never end! Kai Witt joined us on a one day trip looking to bend rods on Roosterfish and Cubera Snapper as these species are not available in the waters he normally fishes. Chasing down the Roosterfish on his day wasn’t going to happen due to the clarity of the water and current along the rocky pacific shoreline. Instead, Kai opted to slam the Cubera Snapper honey hole where he caught numerous fish and released them for another days catch.

Returning seasonal CFP anglers Leon and Linda enjoyed a few Cow Tunas with one tapping out at a heavy 300 pounds. With all the good bait in our waters this year’s Yellowfin Tuna are fat and barrel. Returning each and every year was David who hooked up with a whopping 320 pound Super Cow on this trip along with others between 100 – 240 lbs! Joining him was fishing mate Jozef who also got into the Tuna and Cubera Snapper slam as well.


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Our Thanks

On behalf of the Come Fish Panama team, we once again would like to thank all our anglers that provided us an opportunity to take them sport fishing. We fully recognize that there are many other fishing charter providers out there and are grateful our customers chose us. Special thanks goes out to Mihn Tran and Kevin Martin for participating in our yearly Tuna donation to the families in need. Should you decided to sport fish and participate in this giving event please let us know in advance for preparation. Enjoy the full photo action below.

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